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Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA
Doctor of Philosophy, Completed: May 2016
Comprehensive Exams: American Government, Women and Politics

Georgetown University, Washington D.C., USA
Assistantship in Teaching Certificate, Completed: April 2015

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Bachelor of Arts, June 2007
Major: Political Studies, Minor: Psychology
Honors: Dean's List (2005, 2006, 2007)
Studied at The International Study Centre, East Sussex, England (2002-3; Summer 2006)


Title: "Sexual Assault Jurisprudence: Rape Myth Usage in State Appellate Courts"

Committee: Dr. Douglas Reed (Chair), Dr. Michele Swers, Dr. Jonathan Ladd

Abstract: While decades have passed since 1994’s Violence Against Women Act, do we still see judges employing inaccurate though widely held myths about rape? I resolve this question by undertaking a critical analysis of over a thousand judicial opinions discussing sexual violence in the American states, finding that the judiciary frequently uses rape myths but does so variably, depending on the myth in question. The demographic, political, and institutional correlates of this discourse are then explored. Results of these analyses highlight that Democratic women have a unique judicial “voice” on this issue and that men and women who choose to focus on gendered issues in their legal careers have different rape myth usage patterns compared to those who do not. Finally, having a critical mass of women on the bench impacts how judges discuss sexual violence – where a critical mass of women is present, rape myth usage among male and female judges is lowered while challenges to rape myths increase. These findings add critically to sociolegal scholarship’s goal of learning more about the nexus of law, society, and politics, and inform how rape myth use by judges can be reduced.

Research Interests

Law and politics, public law, judicial implementation of government policy, gender-based violence, American institutions, feminist and intersectional political theory, feminist and intersectional legal theory

Teaching Interests

Constitutional Law, Civil Rights and Liberties, American Politics, Law and Society, Judicial Politics, Gender/Intersectionality and Politics, Gender/Intersectionality and Justice, Intersectionality and the Law

Articles in Refereed Journals

Boux, Holly Jeanine. "Towards a New Theory of Feminist Coalition: Accounting for the Heterogeneity of Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality through an Exploration of Power and Responsibility." Journal of Feminist Scholarship, Summer 2016. Issue 10.

Boux, Holly Jeanine and Courtenay Daum. "Stuck Between a Rock and a Meth Cooking Husband: What Breaking Bad's Skyler White Teaches Us About How the War on Drugs and Public Antipathy Constrain Women of Circumstances' Choices." New Mexico Law Review, Spring 2015. Vol. 45(2): 567-610.

Boux, Holly Jeanine and Courtenay Daum. "At the Intersection of Social Media and Rape Culture: How Facebook, Texting and Other Personal Communications Challenge the "Real" Rape Myth in the Criminal Justice System." University of Illinois Journal of Law, Technology & Policy, Spring 2015.

Boux, Holly Jeanine, Megan Ruxton and Shirley Adelstein. "Frame Changing and Intermedia Agenda Setting: A Case Study Tracing the Evolution of Media Frames in the Ray Rice Story." Under Review.

Work in Progress

"'Seductive Sideline Reporter[s]': How Institutional Environment and Reporter Gender Influence Media Coverage of the Ray Rice Domestic Violence Case" (with Shirley Adelstein and Megan Ruxton).

"Framing Sexual Violence: Frames Used in Senate Discourse on Sexual Violence Against Women, and the Curious Absence of a Human Rights Discourse." Paper Presented at Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, April 2012, Chicago, IL.

"Are "Smarter Sentencing Acts," Smarter for Women? The Gendered Impact of Gender-Neutral Sentencing Legislation." Paper in Progress (with Courtenay Daum).

Teaching Experience

COLORADO STATE UNIVERSITY, Fort Collins, CO (August 2012-present day)


  • U.S. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Pols 413; Spring 2016
  • American Constitutional Law, Pols 410; Summer and Fall 2015, Fall 2016
  • American Government and Politics, Pols 101; Fall 2013, 2014, 2016
  • Women and Politics, Pols 341; Spring 2013 and Fall 2014
  • American Political Parties and Elections, Pols 302; Co-Instructor with Professor Kyle Saunders, Spring 2016
  • Current World Problems, Pols 131; Fall 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016; Spring 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016; Summer 2016

GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, Washington, DC (July-August 2012)


  • United States Political Systems, Govt 008, Summer 2012

GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY, (August 2007- May 2012)

Teaching and Research Assistant

  • Teaching Assistant: Media & Politics, United States Political Systems, Comparative Political Systems
  • Research Assistant for Dr. Michele Swers (Fall 2008-Spring 2009; Spring 2011): Collaborated with Dr. Swers on research relating to legislative action on gendered bills, and on final edits of her book on behavior of female Senators and the American media's role in politics (Women in the Club).
  • Research Assistant for Dr. Jonathan Ladd (Fall 2009-Spring 2010): Collected data and reviewed literature on media and politics and social psychological research related to group behavior, and on final edits of his book on the American media's role in politics (Why Americans Hate the Media and How it Matters).

Teaching Awards

Nominated by the Political Science Department, Colorado State University College of Liberal Arts Excellence in Teaching Award 2016-2017 (Winner announced Spring 2017)

Training in Teaching

  • Apprenticeship in Teaching Program, Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), Georgetown University, Completed 2015.
    • This rigorous and voluntary teaching program for doctoral students consisted of participation in six short-courses including effective classroom interaction, assessment and grading, syllabus design, and the use of new media for teaching and learning. Participants must also submit four authentic teaching tasks to complete the program including classroom observation and syllabus design, which are then reviewed by faculty in the Department of Government, and videotaped teaching practice which was critiqued by an experienced CNDLS faculty member.

Additional Training in Teaching

  • TILT short course "Working with Post 9/11 Student Veterans," Colorado State University, October 2012
  • College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Master Teacher Initiative (MTI) Luncheon attendance, "Teachership" (9/11/2012), "Surviving ten Presidents, seven Provosts and seven Deans 24/7/365 without working--just pursue what lights your fire" (11/13/2012), Colorado State University, Fall 2012
  • "At-risk for University & College Faculty," (Online Interactive Training; learning to recognize signs of psychological distress and connect students to appropriate support services), February 2013.

Fellowships and Grants

  • Five-Year Teaching and Research Fellowship, Department of Government, Georgetown University
  • American Political Science Association Student Travel Grant, 2012 and 2015.

Academic Presentations

Boux, Holly. "Frame-Usage in Appellate Decisions: Connecting Descriptive Representation, State Legislation, and Judicial Discourse on Sexual Violence" Paper presented at Southern Political Science Association Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA, January 2014

  • Nominated for Malcolm Jewell Award, Outstanding Graduate Student Paper

Additional Conference Presentations:

  • American Political Science Association Annual Conference, September 2016, Philadelphia, PA.
  • American Political Science Association Annual Conference, September 2015, San Francisco, IL.
  • Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, April 2016, Chicago, IL.
  • Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, April 2015, Chicago, IL.
  • Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, April 2014, Chicago, IL.
  • American Political Science Association Annual Conference, September 2013, Chicago, IL.
  • Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, April 2013, Chicago, IL.
  • Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, March 2013, Hollywood, CA.
  • American Political Science Association Annual Conference, August 2012, New Orleans, LA.
  • Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, April 2012, Chicago, IL.
  • Intersections of Law and Culture: Human Rights, Franklin College, Switzerland, September 2011.
  • Beyond Citizenship: Feminism and the Transformation of Belonging, University of London, UK, July 2010.
  • Department Colloquium, Queens University Political Studies Department, Ontario, Canada, April 2007.


  • Undergraduate Honors Thesis Direction, Bailey Blythe (reader, 2016), Colorado State University
  • Undergraduate Honors Thesis Direction, Cara Dunkelman (reader, 2015), Colorado State University
  • Discussant, Panel on Undergraduate Research in Gender and Politics, Midwest Political Science Association Annual Conference, April 2015, Chicago, IL.

Press/Invited Lectures

Late Night Live (Radio Broadcast/Podcast on Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Presented by Phillip Adams), Invited Speaker on "Breaking Bad and the law." June 2015.

The Guardian, "What real lawyers think about Breaking Bad - and why it should be taught in class." By Anna Codrea-Rado. Published May 22, 2015.

U.S. Department of State's Middle East Partnership Initiative Undergraduate Student Leaders Program, Invited Speaker on "U.S. Civil Society." Washington, D.C. June 2013, 2014, 2015.

KCSU Newscast. (Radio Broadcast/Podcast on KCSU, the Radio Station of Colorado State University, Presented by Michael Nickels), Invited Speaker on "The Passing of Justice Scalia." February 2016.

Additional Invited lectures:

  • "Human Trafficking." Lecture for No More Injustice, Colorado State University. November 2013.
  • "Interest Groups." Lecture in United States Political Systems, Georgetown University. February 2012.
  • "Corruption." Lecture in Comparative Political Systems, Georgetown University. November 2007, 2011.

Professional Experience

Political Parity, Research Consultant on "Clusters" Project, (October 2014-June 2015)

  • Gathered data from multiple sources to construct large data set for project testing the determinants of women's representation in Congress, focusing on the House. Constructed dataset from 1980-2012 using Census data, including the ACS, to build comprehensive dataset including state demographics, past electoral results, and state-level political variables relating to partisanship and gender.

Language Skills

English (fluent); French (advanced)

Professional Memberships

American Political Science Association

  • Law and Courts Section
  • Women and Politics Research

Law & Society Association

Midwest Political Science Association